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I received my first round a couple days ago, I’m hooked! My pictures were amazing. If I could give 100 stars or more I would!

Greater than expected!

Not only was this app super easy to use, the customer service is amazing and the products are beautiful. I especially liked there were multiple border options and the shipment arrived quickly after I ordered.

Great idea, great app, great person!

Great app and idea. This is so awesome! Also, most importantly: Just want to say that Brittany was amazing here at Roosevelt Field Mall, because of her I found this app and can’t wait to print tons of pics up and spend lots of $ with your company!!! Thank you Brittany!!!


nice quality photos! worth the price!

Poor quality and over priced

I ordered this because I never get around to printing pictures and I liked that I didn’t have to nail holes in the wall. The product I received for $50 was cheap and insubstantial. I even ordered the “wrapped” version, thinking it would wrap around any unsightly edges. It doesn’t wrap and you can see the black styrofoam sides . They are flimsy and I would have expected to get them for under $20.

Love it!

I am very happy with Mixtiles. You can just stick it to the wall or other surfaces, quality of pictures is good. On the app you can adjust the picture ( center it). You can get the order in a week.

Beautiful tiles and Awesome customer service

No one can beat you in the service that you provide to your customers. Tiles are toooooooo good !!!!

♥️ Mixtiles!!!!

I have been seeing posts on FB and Instagram for quite sometime now for Mixtiles. I’ve even seen a few reality celebs talking about the product. I finally decided to try them and boy am I mad!!!! Mad that I didn’t try them SOONER!!!! They are fabulous! Exactly as described! You can move them around with such ease and play with layout and location! My initial order was for 5 and I just ordered 3 more! #addicted

Looove them

Mixtiles is so attentive. They know how much ppl treasure their memories and tries their very best to make sure u are happy with the end product. I was new using their app so I didnt notice it had an “adjust” section right on the payment screen, so when I got the tiles there was one that was totally cropped. I brought it to their attention and they gave me a replacement one. I am so grateful. I love them!


My office walks are covered in Mixtiles! My daddy’s walls at his rest home are cinder block & due to Mixtiles we can hang photos of his family up easily! I have had such a great experience ordering & every single tile is perfect not to mention the service during & after ordering! I recommend Mixtiles multiple times a week!!!


Best customer service ever!!!

So easy to use!

I love this app, I have so many adorable pics of my nephew on my iPhone! Let’s face it, no one prints pics anymore because it’s a hassle, it took me 5 min to pick all the best pics and to send them to my family. I did not need to set up an account or do any other annoying, time consuming stuff. My family loved the pics and the price is right, as you don’t have to worry about framing - a frame will costs you about the same, plus the time to buy it, print pics and set it all up. A very good experience, thank you! 🤗

Don’t stick

The whole point in buying these is because you just peel the sticky off and stick... easy!!! NOT.... they don’t stick to your wall, so if you still want them just go out and buy some command strips to go with them because otherwise they do not work!! I got to stay I’ve probably never been so upset with purchasing a product before!! As for the picture, I was pleasantly pleased with it, but like I said the whole purpose was for a $10 picture that just sticks... not worth it!! The ones you can purchase from Walmart look just as good!!

Super cute

I actually love these. The customer service was quick when I had a little hiccup. Use a decent resolution photo though. I skipped over that direction line and got a few ehhhh ones (my fault I didn’t read.) The photos with good resolution came out very well. Will definitely order more!

Horrible customer service.

I ordered once before, a few of the tiles were off center, but acceptable enough. This time, they were not only poorly cropped, but all the bottoms were cut off. They were VERY noticeable. The photos check sheet shows them laid out properly though. So I messaged them, and received a response telling me they’d only replace 10, but I better choose different ones so they don’t make the same mistake again. I spent over $230!! Terrible customer service. Which is weird because they boast about how great it is, but they didn’t even try to fix my issue.

Having fun

I’m having so much fun adding mixtiles a few at a time to my office. I’m getting quite the collection!!

Made my gallery wall come to life

Wonderful customer service assistance, fast turnaround on orders and a beautiful final product. What more could you ask for when it comes to preserving your most treasured memories?

I love the concept

The only problem is they don’t stay on the wall. I still love these tiles but i have to use sticky Velcro and stick pins to keep on the wall.

Best customer service

One of the best customer service I have an experience with! I had a problem with some of the tiles, they immediately took care of it! Yes the stickers sometimes comes off but it definitely worth it when you have such a great customer service!

Love them!!

I absolutely love these!! I use them at home and at work. It’s great because I’m a single mom and I don’t do nails and hammers. These tiles gave me a way to still get pictures when I wanted them. I use them at my job to celebrate when our patients meet their goals with physical therapy. I have a wall that has 60 some tiles on it. It has brought so much joy to not only the staff but it gives the new patients hope that they will get better. I started using it to build and cultivate the culture at my building so I have fun photos of the employees printed and we have begun to put them all through the break room. As a health care professional our days go fast and the constant motion never stops, this is a great way to capture a moment that we may have forgotten were there not a picture of it! The app is REALLY easy to use!! Takes the photos directly from your phone. I can’t say enough about how much joy these tiles have brought me!! Do it, you won’t regret it!

Love It

Working on my second order . No issues with the pictures sticking good quality photos . Just make sure if you send a picture with poor light quality it will be a little bit darker . Great Customer Svc

Great Customer Service!

Love my MIXTILES and loved the customer service when one of my tiles didn’t come out perfectly. They replaced it with zero hassle! It’s so great when a company promised great customer service and actually follows through on that promise!

Just ok.

Photo quality is good. Materials are light and feel cheap. Too much of the photo is cropped.

Best thing ever!!!!

So easy to order! Quality and hanging is ridiculously easy. We LOVE Mixtiles!!!!!!!

Beautiful pics, Great customer service!!!

My pictures arrived in great timing but they were damaged through the shipping process. I emailed them and they replaced the photos immediately. The photos look perfect!!! Great customer services!!! I’ll be ordering more photos from Mixtiles!!!

Love these memory catchers!

And simply the best customer service!

Happy Wife, Happy Life 😉

Ordered a set of tiles and couldn’t decide which ones not to print. Ended up with 16 tiles! Surprised the wife and she loved it! I loved the ease of ordering and ability to use Apple Pay. Also like the fact that they warn you if the resolution of your photo is too low. When order arrived, earlier than promised, a couple of tiles had dinged corners. I emailed customer service and they wrote back within an hour with a promo code to replace the two tiles, free of charge.

Clean and better quality than expected

Product came cleaner than I was expecting and with higher quality materials. It looks and feels very professionally printed/ constructed. The customer support is also top notch 👌🏼

Easy & Super Cute.

This picture printing app is an ingenious idea! I recently ordered only 2 tiles, to test it out, and now I’m regretting I didn’t order more the first time around. I found this app so easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech savvy such as myself. You can crop the picture exactly how you want it to be printed. The frames itself are a bit cheap but what do expect for $10. The picture quality and color was the best part of the buy. I got my two frames up on the wall in less than a minute, leveled and all. I received my order before my expected date. Only bummer is that Apple Pay through the app doesn’t work because of the mail carrier that they use but adding my card was fairly simple. I’m hoping soon the app will let you create an account so it saves all your data entry & not having to input it every order and you can see what pictures you’ve already printed. Definitely ordering more prints! As I said, it’s easy, cute & affordable.

Easy way to decorate!

Mixtiles makes it easy to add your favorite photos to your home or office! Just download the app, choose which photos you like and you’ll get quality prints on foam board that you can stick and re-stick to the wall! We love our collage and are adding to it!

Mix tiles are great!

I am putting some in our apartment but have given some to friends. We all love ‘em! Thanks Rob Hawes

Best Customer Service Ever!!!

I bought the mix tiles as a gift for my wife for Christmas. We recently moved to a new home and had to remove the mixtiles. When we got to the new house we noticed that some of them were missing the sticky piece of the 3m strip. I contacted mixtiles and they refunded me 10% of my order to go buy some more sticky pieces. Great company!!!

Love it for gifts

Great gifts

Love me some Mixtiles!!

App is so easy to use, shipping is super quick and final product looks amazing!! I’m addicted and keep ordering more.

Best Gift Ever

The quality of the photos are wonderful and I love that I can stick them anywhere. I have a wall of Mixtiles in my hallway that I update here and there and I’m going to gift some to my Dad who is at a rest home. It’s nice you can put them up and then take them down without any damage to the paint.

Love it!

I just received my second order of mixed tiles. The first order I’ve had since February and have no issues with them coming off the wall, they stick and stay. Friends that have come over are excited to see all our memories on display. So far I have 38 tiles, when I purchase my house I have plans to tile an entire wall in our wet bar and recreation room. They do require you to get creative and make them look good, so I recommend think about how you want to arrange them and put them on display. I have seen some disasters.

Not worth it

I thought this was a free app. Definitely NOT worth the hidden cost.


Love this product !

Fabulous customer service

I have not had customer service like this in a long time. One tile I ordered was forgotten and one that was printed, I didn’t like. They remedied the situation so quickly and so well. They emailed to check in and shipped out the missing tile right away. It was amazing. I love this company! The product is awesome too. 😃

I love Mixtiles!

I am in love with my Mixtiles Wall! I can’t wait to add more! Customer service is so nice and very professional. Shipping was fast. I’m excited to add more Mixtiles to other rooms!


Clean, blissfully simple, and excellent customer service.

So easy a guy can do it!

Click, upload, and order. We now have over 70 in our youth room.

Over priced, fast shipping

I ordered one picture and the quality was good. I had to crop the picture since it wouldn’t fully fit within the frame, more than what I had set on the app was cut off from the actual product I received. I also didn’t know the picture was styrofoam based and thought the picture would either wrap around or have some sort of wood siding. The stickers on the back are sticky but aren’t as restickable as made out to be. Although I would order again in the future I just wish they were sticker unless mine was just messed up!

Best customer service!

My tiles looked great, arrived ahead of schedule! I had an issue with my first order which wasy fault and they reprinted at no charge. I will definitely order again!

Great service

Exceptional service. I had a couple tiles that were somewhat blurry and they took care of it quickly. Thank you

Love it

Speedy delivery and absolutely great quality!

Wonderful company

I found Mixtiles on accident and I’m so glad I did! I purchased the first set of pictures for my girlfriend on her birthday! The pictures came when promised and they look amazing! I just made my second purchase with them, and cannot wait to see them! Decorating our new home has never been easier! I love that hanging photos is hassle free with Mixtiles!


I’m not sure there is a more affordable and simple way to get memories sent to your door. This app is amazing!

Back for more!

I love the ones I have received and look forward to more. This sure beats trying to fine frames that go together or match year after year this is the way to go. I love them!

Love it !!!!!

I love the quality !! I love the material !!

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