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Ron was excellent.


I downloaded this app and it was either not user friendly or lame. I couldn’t resize my pics to make it fit in the square or they didn’t explain how. This would be a good idea if it came in different sizes.

Amazing mixtiles.

I’ve gotten like 5 mix tiles, they are absolutely worth it and awesome.

Love It!

I loved the pictures and have already ordered more. My first purchase was more of a curiosity but, I was very impressed when the tiles arrived. I already have a couple of family members asking how they can order and after showing them the app, they have now placed their own orders.


Initially I was worried about using some random ‘enlarge the photos’ type program, because I’ve had such bad luck with other companies. But I’m extremely happy that all nine of my tiles are amazing quality and exactly what I wanted. I’m very happy… I wish there was a program for appreciating repeat customers and such because I will be ordering more.

Awesome Find

Love my Mixtiles. The quality is superior and I love the concept that I can mix and match them around the house. And change them whenever you want.


Love these Mixtiles!!! I ordered 4 and plan to order more! They are nice to do wall collages and such. ❤️

Crazy about mixtiles

I have soooo many mixtiles! And I can never get enough! I love how great they are! That I don’t need to damage my walls to put them up! And that they do not lower the quality of my pics! But my favourite thing is their communication ... I always feel like I’m talking to a friend when ordering,waiting, and until my package is at my doorstep! Love it!!!!

Making memories visible

What a great way to ensure visibility to our family memories

Pic, select & hang

This is a Awesome set up system! We take a picture then select the ones we like they make have different balance framing ideas not to big not to small, then you receive fairly quickly and hang on the wall.

Awesome idea!

So happy I found this app! Ordered for Mother's Day to surprise my wife. Great idea and app worked really well. Only feature is that I wish I could take a panorama and have the app split it across multiple tiles. Then I could have panorama tiles! Updating fall 2016: my oldest daughter went off the college. They can't put nails in the walls, these are perfect. Ordered a bunch and now all her friends want them too! People complaining about image quality... step back away from the photo. The tile is not a retina screen, this type of printing should be appreciated from about three feet away. Update fall 2018: second daughter off to college. Placed a big order for her dorm room. Since she saw her older sisters room she knew what she wanted. Some photos work really well. Once you have seen them in person you will get it. Older daughter has moved her tiles twice across dorms and now to apartment. We keep adding to her story wall. Whole family loves these tiles. Just ordered another set after a trip to London. Love these tiles and all the new options.

Tiles aren’t sticking.

Hello I purchased 8 tiles and 2 of them aren’t sticking. I keep reaching behind my sofa to try and stick them to the wall. It’s frustrating!!

Just WOW!!! Tops!! FANTASTIC!!

It’s not often that you run into a superb business with incredible business sense; however MIXTILE crew has been beyond words incredible. I downloaded the app to my Iphone after seeing it advertised, ordered 23 photos and shipment arrived promptly and the quality was excellent! I ordered the edged photos (without border) but did not like the placement of the sticky backs. I contaced Mixtiles via e-mail and had the most incredible customer experience in my 43 year lifetime. MIXTILE staff quickly responded to my concerns and corrected my order immediately to suit my project need. Kaitlin & Lukus you both were incredible and you have garnered a MIXTILE customer for LIFE and I will definately recommend your services to my friends and family. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you very much for your easy to use app and incredible customer service!!


So quick nice guy

Love these

Great quality and easy to hang and move! Had them up for a week and just ordered more. :)

Happy Customer

The picture quality is good, the tiles stick & moving them around is simple. No problem with different placement. The best part is the customer service, I loved how well I was taken care of-very personal service. Thank you💛

i love them

i love there app and services i just hope they upgrad there frames and frame sizes

Love these!

I love these titles! They’re light so they don’t fall off the wall, the picture quality is perfect, they’re easy to remove and restick with no damage to the wall. I am already a repeat customer and will be going back for more and recommending to friends and family


Love!! So easy and great customer service!!

Just got the app

I just downloaded the app and opened it up. Great UI so far, super easy. But right off the bat I can tell you the biggest issue - the only option to select photos is locally from your phone. I. Today’s day and age, most phones have minimal storage (or you pay heavily for bigger storage) so most of us store our photos in the cloud. And most apps give you the ability to get your photos from several different locations. I sync my photos to Google Drive and remove them from my phone which makes this app useless. Add that option, and I’d be happy to try your product.

Doesn’t work

I’d love to order some pictures but the app keeps crashing on my phone after the newest update yesterday.

Customer service

Pleased and very impressed with the customer service. Had small issue with glue But it was resolved and followed up on. Good service and convenient.

Mixtiles are Super!

I love Mixtiles. They are beautiful and very easy to arrange on walls. Once or twice, I had an issue with the tiles are the customer service has been fantastic. They respond immediately and rectify the situation completely.


I absolutely luv, luv, Mixtiles. On my second set pictures that I ordered, one of six came out a Little blurry. Guess what? The lovely Mallory, May from customer service contacted me and gave me a promo code for a free tile to replace the blurry one. They’re just awesome, most companies take no responsibility for their products and treat customers horribly. I am very happy to write that Mixtiles is not one of them!!! Thanks to the awesome customer service and beautiful tiles. My daughters first day of school memories are beautifully framed and on our living room walls. Awesome!!!

New to this!

I haven’t received my photos yet, but customer service has been great and I love the concept! I hope they stick (with no damage) as advertised! I’ll update review once photos arrive!


Fantastic product Great app Exceptional customer service Fair pricing Couldn’t be happier with my purchase

Love the pictures!

I love how easy it is to get a nice set of pictures!


Very happy with the product and prompt customer service. Love my tiles and the employees are very helpful. Will definitely order again and share this app with friends and family!

Customer for life

You have earned a customer for life. I have bought myself numerous tiles and plan to purchase many more for gifts.

Marvelous Mixtiles!

It was a sinch to use the Mixtiles app! Just clicked on my favorite photos from my phone and order complete ! Malory was very good at communicating every step of the way from order to delivery! Delivery was pretty quick-within a week! The result was excellent! Our photo “tiles” came boxed carefully with copy of our pictures on the order slip. Tiles were lightweight with foam stickers already placed on the back of each tile ready to “peel and stick” to the wall. And as promised , I was able to readjust and adjust the tiles to get them just right without any trouble. It took me no time to create a beautiful wall masterpiece ! Love the fact that I can, in the future, add to or take away for updates and with no damage to the wall ! Thank you to the “gang” as Malory called them, who took great care to place my order! Love my wall and Mixtiles!!

Great and love it but need more discount codes😂!

I love this and my wife loves the tiles! It’s just a bit pircy and I hope to get more discount codes 😂✌️❤️👍!!!

There Customer Service Was the Best Ever!!!

The response time. There ability to respond to issues with generous attention. Quality was outstanding. The weight needs to be light to be removable. The other reviewer may not understand the unique element of the tiles are the ability to hang and remove without holes etc.

Simple, easy app with a great product

A simpler and more affordable way to print and hang digital photos from your phone. Can’t wait to order more in the future!

Love these!

Easy way to display my 8 grandkids on my family wall! I get many compliments on my Mixtiles. Customer service is awesome!

Great product. Fantastic customer service

I LOVE my Mixtiles. I ordered 30 and even rolled the dice and ordered some that were lower resolution and they turned out awesome. 4 tiles showed up with heads cropped off so I contacted customer and they immediately replaced them. Very happy!

Completely satisfied!

Hi, I am a hobby photographer and I spend a lot of time and energy photographing and editing, I ordered these tiles (so easy to do) and when they were delivered the mail lady left them on the ground and my dog ate them!! I was devastated!! Especially because of the fact of how gorgeous they were!! So, I sent a message to the company and without hesitation, they Replaced them!! Excellent customer service!! If you are considering an order don’t hesitate, The quality is amazing!

I like the concept but... Low Quality !!

I printed my first batch 2 years ago(about 30 prints) and they were ok. I thought maybe the photos i picked were a bit pixelated and I just couldn’t tell on my phone. But for my wife’s birthday I did another run but decided to try Printage because I wanted more shape and combo options. We did another run of about 30+ When comparing the two... there’s a huge difference in quality. Even portraits shot on my DSLR in good light that I imported are much worse(mostly low res or fuzzy but also color wise) with Mixtiles than standard iPhone pics with Printage. Sorry guys but my wife caught it and then I realized it. Again, I thought that quality might have been the best you could get on that medium until we got that 2nd order with Printage.

Love the pictures

Finally an easy way to get my favorite pictures from my phone to hanging on my wall. Absolutely love Mixtiles

Excellent job

This is an amazing way to get pics! Love it thank you so much.

Awesome way to display your pics!

The service is fast and courteous. Very easy to create a grouping of your favorite pictures, and be able to display them in a stylish way! Love Mixtiles!

Cheap looking

They are easy to put up on the wall. Period. But I have to to tell you they are look super cheap, and tacky. I was hoping to put them in my bedroom but can’t because they look so cheap! I put them up in my kids room. Lot of made up reviews here I think.

Great for my office!

We aren’t allowed to put holes in our walls at work, so Mixtiles is perfect! It’s been so nice to enjoy my pictures nicely displayed now. I receive many compliments!

Very Happy!

Such great quality and customer service!


I just love this company!! Amazing customer service! I love hanging these beautiful pictures in my home and have the ability to move them around! No nails!! Great idea!! I have also given these as presents and everyone just loves them!!

The best!!

Best way to print pictures. I love this very much!!!

Mixtiles is AMAZING

I can’t say enough how happy I am with the quality and customer service of this product! Get the app and start building your Mixtiles wall. The possibilities are endless👏👏👏👍

Placed two orders and can’t wait to place another!!

These tiles are so cute and so convenient! I can’t possibly understand what folks have to complain about? Mixtiles sent me a damaged tile in one shipment and a tile with no adhesive on the back in the other. Contacted customer service and within seconds they sent me a promo code to replace the damaged one. After receiving the one w no adhesive they not only have me another promo code (I only asked them to send me the adhesive) but they credited my account for both tiles! Best customer service experience I’ve had in some time. Thank you Mixtiles...I’ll be placing more orders again soon!!

A great way to get the pictures you love from your phone to your walls!!

I love my mixtiles. It’s great for someone like me who wants to frame some of the great pictures that I have on my phone. I don’t have the time or inclination to have another DIY project that I start and just don’t finish because of my very busy schedule. The quality of the pictures is great. You do have to do a zoom and crop to make sure that the pictures don’t get cut off. This happened to me on a favorite picture of one of my dogs. I contacted customer service (which is outstanding...they respond almost immediately) and they offered to redo the picture at no charge. They explained how to use the zoom and crop that I mentioned above to get the picture just right. As for being able to stick the tiles to the wall, I haven’t had any problems with that. I have also moved some of the tiles around and there was no problem with sticking them in a different place. There was also no residue or damage on the previous location. The frames are not of the highest quality. However, due to the dimensions of the photos that the app makes they look and work just fine for me. I’m going on an overseas vacation shortly and cannot wait to commemorate some of the highlights using mixtiles.

5 stars!

I had one slight problem when receiving my tiles due to the app being a little confusing. When I reached out to them to fix the problem, they were quick to respond, very friendly and very helpful! They offered to issue me a full refund without me even having to ship the tiles back to them. I’m very impressed with their customer service and I will order from hem again!

I love it!

They are beautiful and the costumer service is great! This is the second order I made and I have recommended them to a lot of friends 😜

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